Business development & Better management

This servise is about analyse, design and implementation of effective company strategy regardless type of business.

Our approach:

We based our approach on these facts:

1. People(executive members and workers) from targeted company have the best information about their business.

2. We have knowledges, tools, techniques from different areas. Through consultation we use some selected tools techniques eg. strategic profiling, scenerio, pestle, what-if, business impact analysis, porter, brainstorming, workshops, SWOT, BMC, RCA, paret, Q-loop, VCA and a lot others.

3. We have independent view outside from company. So some stuff which seems to be all right for internal company people interested in day to day business, may not be the most effective when somebody(with appropriate skills and knowledges) make uninterested look on that stuff and their relationships from higher perspective.

We can together reach really great measurable company improvements with effective connection of these points.

How we differ from our competitors:

-we not only design strategy, but we also implement designed changes(see point 3. of our methodology ) in mind with lean principles.

-deep knowledge a lot of different business tools and techniques from different areas

-we have strong technical and analytical background. So eg. if company have enough historical data in their information systems we can make some datamining analysis which discover some patterns, and based on that have support smart decisions driven by data, not only by intuition of particular people.

Our methodology:

0. In the first session(which is for free) we mostly speak with customer executive management about their business goals, problems and how we can help. Quick pre-analysis, project plan and pricing

1. deep analysis of current business

2. design (new/tweak) strategy with measurable KPIs and transformation strategy into particular measurable operational goals and steps.

3. incremental iterative implementation of designed changes on the representative sample of target group.

4. measurement and continual improvement. if results are unsatisfied we can quickly learn it and adjust implemented solutions or whichever point from previous steps.

It’s possible to adjust some steps in methodology for customer needs eg. customer maybe doesn’t need auditing and designing strategy, maybe just need to help in effective implementation of actual strategy.

Business consulting is about understanding relationships, dependencies between different company stuff. Through Business consulting we consider different part of organization eg:

-strategy management

-finance(accounting, financial analysis),

-sourcing, sales and marketing

-management decisions (reporting, analytics)

-cost management(mainly cost calculation method)

-business processes(BPMN, process maps, KPIs..)


-knowledge management


-project management

-risk management

-people management(soft skills, workplace, company culture..)

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