Streamlining business through IT

Our approach:

This consulting service is about effective management of IT. The goal of IT is support of key/supported business processes through internal/external IT services (managed by IT service management) so IT could lead to higher profit from the reasons such as:

1.lower costs:

-support of sourcing processes with e-commerce(e-markets, e-auctions),

-process automatization(ERP),

-optimization processes of company(BPMN) eg. optimisation of itself ITdepartment processes(administration of company software, web, mail, IT operations from ITIL servicedesk tool(service operations) and devops tools)

2. higher sales: e-commerce, e-marketing(sem, seo)

3. better decisions: analytics(adhoc olap analysis, datamining, web-analytics), BI reporting tools(graphs, KPI dashboards), ERP

4. better collaboration: knowledge management and collaboration tools

5. better project management(pm tools)

6. support for manufacturing/development (eg. for software company implementation of agile-scrum,kanban. For more information look at our agile management and software development services)

There is also relation between different goals eg. better collaboration => better decision => lower costs/higher sales. So IT services often support simultaneously more business processes and support to reach business goals.

For effective implementation it’s important to consider different factors e.g.

-priority and impact(at first to identify and support with IT 20% business processes which bring 80% company value),

-resources(budget, ROI of IT services),


-relations and synergies between IT services and business goals.


Every company is a human system (not machine) with their specific context (environment, people quality, motivation, company culture, norms and other constraints) so we don’t obey strictly by any methodics. We use methodics for inspiration and the most important it’s their deep understanding(their pros,cons and mainly know to answer on why? questions).

Therefore we prefer holistic approach (mainly business technical psychological views with their relations) and adjust implementation (methodics, their combination, techniques) for their specific context.

Our methodology:

0. first session

In the first session(which is for free) we mostly speak with customer executive management about their business goals, problems and how we can help. Quick pre-analysis, project plan and pricing.

1. company analysis

We make:

-analyse of company: their strategy, problems, environment, culture..

-identify key/supported business processes(if there isn’t process maps then we usually use BPMN tools, techniques for sketching process workflows).

– define particular goals and KPIs

2. IT audit and design of IT strategy

We make:

– mapping: business goals -> business processes -> IT goals -> IT services. We prefer cobit BSC approach.

– IT service evaluation: effectivity of IT services and their hard/soft KPIs, SLAs, IT cost management, risk management etc.

– design of IT strategy: on base of analysed information we adjust existing or design new IT strategy.

> In this phase we being inspired mainly by COBIT5, CISA and ITIL lite (service design)

3. implementation of IT strategy

We can optionally manage or consult this implementation phase of IT solutions.

Incremental and iterative implementation(internally or outsorced) designed IT services.

It means setting and deployment of existing IT software, or internal/external development of new.

4. IT continual improvement

We can optionally manage or consult this phase of IT continual improvement.

Measurement of KPIs of implemented solutions and based on that learn, adjust implemented solutions or whichever point in previous steps.

-In this phase we being inspired by six sigma and ITIL CSI

If you are interested please contact us 🙂