Agile & Lean

This service is about the implementation of agile management to software companies.

Our approach:

Agile and lean principles are generally applied in whichever company. There is more methodics which are align with this principles, however every methodic is suitable for specific context. Every company is a complex human system (not machine) with their specific context (environment, people quality, motivation, company culture, norms and other constraints) so we don’t obey strictly by any methodics. We use methodics for inspiration and the most important it’s their deep understanding(their pros,cons and mainly know to answer on why? questions).

Therefore we prefer holistic approach (mainly business technical psychological views with their relations) and adjust implementation (methodics, their combination, techniques) for their specific context (eg. implementation of agile is different in development of new product vs software maintenance teams). We implement solutions in PDCA agile way.

Our methodology:

1.PLAN(and analyse):

– understanding company specific context. It means environment, company culture, analyse existing problems(with their relationship and root cause)…

– define particular targets with business team

– present agile & approach to company and their customer

– choose/design KPIs(velocity, kanban flow..) with development team


agile(small, incremental, iterative) implementation of suitable holistic solution. In this step we obey by :

2.1. Use of common sense with regard to principles (agile,lean..), experience

2.2. Implementation:

-for management of development and maintenance teams: we have been used/inspired mainly by scrum and kanban often used with combination of different XP(TDD, CI, pair programming…), pomodoro and other efficient techniques.

-for management of IT operations and their collaborations with development: we have been used/inspired mainly by DEVOPS.

3.CHECK: measure KPIs

4.ACT: learn from regular agile meetings(daily standup, retrospectives), KPIs and based on that adjust some previous step(mainly 2.DO step).

It’s important to highlight that effective implementation of agile doesn’t have impact only on development department, but it has much broader impact on whole company. Agile is mindshift, it’s a structural change of company (it has impact mainly on contracting and change management, new/change existing roles/responsibilities, collaboration with customer, knowledge management).

-If software is provided in the form of service, then for managing whole IT service lifecycle (mainly for service strategy, service design, continual service improvement) it’s possible to combine this service with our service IT service management.

-For RaD projects (it means startup projects) using lean startup process,principles.

Who use this service?

This service is mainly recommended for software companies which search for:

-roles project manager, scrum master. It’s provided in the form of hiring our people for project/projects.

-implementation of agile in the form of consulting

Why choose us?

We have experienced project manager/team leader with experiences of full lifecycle of software development/service management with

technical background(sw architect/developer of scalable cloud software),

business background(company owner, product owner, scrum master, business consultant) with great soft skills(motivation, negotiation..) and strong focus on agile and lean principles.

If you are interested please contact us 🙂