DevOps & Continuous Delivery

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course duration: 2 working days(16hours)

number of participants: min 5 – max 10

price: 470eur

date:  In currently we don’t set dates of public courses. If you have interest please contact us and we send you information our planned dates.

note: If more people from your company have interest in this course so we provide except public courses also inhouse course for your group directly in your company in preferential terms. For more informations please contact us on


certificate: in the end of course we are doing certification test. For passing this test participant need to get min 65% right choices from 40questions in 60minute duration test. After passing this test participant get national certificate devops foundation

What is the course content?


automatiziation IT infrastructure and software development processes:

-Countinuous integration(jenkins)

-monitoring infrastructure(zabbix, nagios)

-inftrastructure as a code-scripting deployment and configuration IT infrastructure(Chef, Docker)


agile principles and processes: communication, knowledge sharing, responsibility, cross functionality

Especially for whom is the course for?

This course is for members of software development and maintenance teams(mainly programmers) and members of IT operations.