Data analyse

Data analyse is deep analyse of data with knowledge discovery goal. This knowledges are represented in the form of patterns or rules from the data in the past, while between this data are complicated mutual relations. This new discovered knowledges are basis for right future decisions.

Data analyse can be used in any area if there exist enough amount and quality of data relevant for solving problem.

Company contracts for data analyse

How we are working in data analyse company contracts?

We are using process when on first meeting get basic business information eg. business goal, description of current situation. Then we transform business goal to goal of data analysis project. Then we do rough data analysis assessment where the target is identify needed data for data analysis goal and get information if  they have enough data quality and data quantity. This first meeting is for free. If there will be interest in next cooperation we use CRISP-DM dataming process in combination with Agile methodics.

Whe have interest

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