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Agile is set of principles formed in agile manifesto used in environment with high degree of uncertainity. This principles are represented in more frameworks eg. SCRUM, KANBAN, LEAN, DSDM, XP

SCRUM is one of the most popular agile frameworks. SCRUM was created as reaction on failing software projects using sequential approach famous from  manual oriented industrial projects(this sequential approach in software development is formed in RUP framework). SCRUM defineset of processes and recommendations. SCRUM was created for software projects but their area of use is more broad and today is used in other projects focused on cognitive sources.

Agile leadership is about leadership in agile teams. Leadership is area consisted from knowledges and skills in the project management, change management and other softskills oriented areas. Agile leadership is about implementation this leadership stuff into agile managed teams with agile methodics.

Practical training courses

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Do you want to consult howto effectively apply agile and agile methodics for you company? Do you try to use some agile methodic but allways don’t improve enough? Do you want to know how effectively lead and manage your team?


If you are interested in consulting or if you have some other questions please contact us on info@ambiso.sk

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