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DevOps is focused on improvement of transition from software development to IT operations. It highlight communication, collaboration, integration, automatization. Improvement of this transition result in improvement of design, development, deployment and software, IT infrastructure.

Continuous Delivery is software development area with focus on fast and often release cycles in high quality. For this target it needs techniques of automated software testing, continuous integration and other automatizations.

Agile IT service management is focused on whole process from developing service, deoplyment, and maintenance. It consists of frameworks from agile, lean it and itil with strong focus on high agility.

Practical training courses

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For your organization:

Do you want to consult how to effeciently manage whole service lifecycle from development through deployment to maintenance software and it infrastructure? Do you want to improve colaboration and cooperation between development and IT operations ? Do you want to automatize development and operations processes?


If you are interested in consulting or if you have some other questions please contact us on info@ambiso.sk

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