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Software projects on contract

This service is about software projects on contract base. We are specialised in software development internet and intranet web and mobile applications.

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How we are working ?

We are working agile way so customer have allways information about current project status and in short release cycles we present and give working software to customer. more about agile way of development in our agile blogs.

Consulting in design and optimisation software architecture

Software architecture give key techological decisions when their changing in future should be very expensive. We specialize on high performance applications with high load.

What are key advanteges of design and optimization of software architecture?

-Optimal combination architectonic software elements in new software architecture design or optimisation existing architecture. Particularly it’s going about elements eg: messaging, databases relation/nosql, caching, continuous integration, testing(acceptance, unit, integration,..), deployment, session management, authentication/authorisation ACL, logging architecture, VCS, monitoring, service desk, devOps automatization,..

-we can in selection right technologies and tools

-it’s possible our practical help for setting particular technologies and tools.

I have interest


If you are interested in consulting or if you have some other questions please contact us on

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