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Poradenstvo pre Business Development

Business development is focused on finding long-term business model. Main areas of interest are marketing, strategic management, sales, financial management, analytics. It’s characteristic with group of analytic models, but particular decisions are made based on agreement with multiple experts from relevant concerned areas of analyzed company.


Company is complicated living organism with a lot of complex realtions and analytic models help understand this complicated system, identify important factors of success and their relations, a it’s basis for right strategic decisions.

analytic business development models are foundation for strategic decision about

Who is target customer for busines development consulting?

This service is primarily targeted for company shareholders, CEOs, members of strategic management, marketers and others directly responsible for long-term company success.

Relation between business development and management

Business development is closely related with internal company environment eg: processes, tools supported this processes, people side(howto make change management, leadership,..). Because there is strong relations between this areas it’s recommended with business development do service better management.

I have interest


If you are interested in consulting or if you have some other questions please contact us on info@ambiso.sk

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