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Change management give recommendations howto implement changes, critical success factors of change success. Best designed solution is not enough because people have natural aversion against change and so it’s important to know what is root cause and what impact aversion against change, and howto lead team to change.

Neuroleadership is scientific approach for leadership based on neuroscience basis.


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Do you have great solution but you are failing implement it in your team? Do you have trouble with change of particular emplyees in your team? Do you want to better respond on changing competiton environment with company culture of change so employees will search and support changes?


If you are interested in consulting or if you have some other questions please contact us on info@ambiso.sk

Consulting for Personal development

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Who is target audience for this service ?

This service is for leaders which want self improvement, managers, teamleaders improving themselves and other people in their team, and others which want self-improvement and persona growth

Neuro lingvistic programming(NLP) is psychoterapeutic method developed with programmer, mathematician, psychiatrist. Basic principle is that every person have saved some programs in memmory brain and based on this programs ones do. The goal of NLP is modify, remove some unwanted programs and reach some goals.


Coaching is method where coach help to find trained person for finding your own road for reaching some goal. There are scientific proofs that mind(needs, expectations,..) are key factor for person doing. Coach use coaching tools and methods most often represented suitable questions in right time. There exist different methods eg. GROW, SMART for different groups of goals.


Brain training is based on newest knowledges from neuroscience. Based on person analyse it recommend right combination tools , games, techniques for reaching goals.


Mindfulness techniques is group of relaxation techniques used in every day for different situations. People naturally searching happiness and sense of life however material satisfaction doesn’t come, it result that people infinity work and doesn’t happy. It’s was main reasons why was created mindfulness techniques. Mindfulness techniques comes from combination different relaxation techniques eg. yoga, chikung, budhism which are ordinary in east world. Mindfulness highlight whole living of moment, happines and getting energy from current moments.

I have interest


If you are interested in consulting or if you have some other questions please contact us on info@ambiso.sk

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