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Change management give recommendations howto implement changes, critical success factors of change success. Best designed solution is not enough because people have natural aversion against change and so it’s important to know what is root cause and what impact aversion against change, and howto lead team to change.

Neuroleadership is scientific approach for leadership based on neuroscience basis.

Practical learning courses

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Do you have great solution but you are failing implement it in your team? Do you have trouble with change of particular emplyees in your team? Do you want to better respond on changing competiton environment with company culture of change so employees will search and support changes?

Máte výborne riešenie no nedarí sa vám ho zaviesť vo vašom tíme? Máte problém so zmenou konkrétnych jednotlivcov vo vašom tíme? Chcete lepšie reagovať na rýchlo sa meniace prostredie vytvorením firemnej kultúry podpori zmien a teda aby zamestnanci podporovali a vyhľadávali príležitosti ku zmene?


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