Agile facilitator (agile change management)

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course duration: 2 working days(16hours)

number of participants: min 5 – max 10

price: 380eur

date:  look at our calendar of current courses
note: If more people from your company have interest in this course so we provide except public courses also inhouse course for your group directly in your company in preferential terms. For more informations please contact us on

certificate:after finishing this course get participant national certificate agile certified facilitator

What is the course content?

-get knowledges and skills from areas: change management, neuroleadership, universal softskills.

-agile methodics(scrum,xp,kanban,atdd, dsdm), what methodics when to use it. explain scrum patterns.

-use knowledges from change management and neuroleadership in agile

What are main benefits of this course ?

>get knowledges:

about change: understand process of change, what impacts changes,..

universal softskills eg: motivation, decision making, influencing

neuroleadrship: what is it about, recommendations of neuroleadership

>get skills with HOW to particularly advance in change implementation, in teamworking with others, and howto becam great leader.

>use of presented knowledges in context of agile methodics.

Especially for whom is the course for?

It’s mainly for people who have some theoretical knowledges from agile and agile methodics or some practical skills with agile and want to:

-implement agile knowledges into practice but don’t know how to do that most efficiently

-or they tried implement agile but implementation failed, or changes wasn’t efficient enough.

What’s uniqueness of this course

-it’s combination newest science knowledges from change management and neuroleadership used in cotext of agile

-focus on practical side of the course done in the form of workshop, so participant actively try learned knowledges.