course duration: 2 working days(16hours)

number of participants: min 5 – max 10

price: 380eur

date:  In currently we don’t set dates of public courses. If you have interest please contact us and we send you information our planned dates.
note: If more people from your company have interest in this course so we provide except public courses also inhouse course for your group directly in your company in preferential terms. For more informations please contact us on info@ambiso.sk

Do you want to be great leader and know howto implement any change

in 2 days without need to study amount of science literature?

So this course is for you.

What is the course content?


change management:

-basis of change management: what is it? where to use it? change management based on science PROSCI, Kotter,..

-basic principles of change management


change management framework:

-change management process: roles and responsibilities, processes and recommendations for different groups of people

-change management toolkit: particular tools helping introduce change. These tools are in the form of templates, techniques which participant can freely use


practical universal softskills:

-motivation: motivation on science basis with focus on SDT theory, motivation model,..

-influencing: process of influencing,..

-decisions: science of decision making, process, key success factors influencing our decisions,..


-conflict resolution



-basics of neuroscience

-SCARF model

-use of neuroleadership in change management

What are main benefits of this course ?

get knowledges(WHAT and HOW):

-about change:understand process of change, what impact change

-universal practical softskills in teamwork eg. motivation, decision making, influencing

-neuroleadership howto became great leader

get skills:

howto advance in process of change, how to become great leader

understand WHY:

trust in our recommendations based on science basis

Pre koho je kurz primárne určený?

Tento kurz je primárne určený pre členov vývojových tímov, typicky ide o programátorov, dizajnérov, grafikov, testerov, teamleadrov.
Pre teamleadrov(typicky scrummaster, projekt manažér) je vhodné uvedené školenie doplniť o ďalší 1deň ktorého cieľom je nadobudnutie znalosti a praktických zručnosti potrebných pre agile leadrov, viac v agile leader professionall.

Uniqueness of this course?

-knowledges based on science and from practice

-practical oriented course